About BigMS

Big Multiple Sclerosis Data Network – The home of MS Real World Evidence!

Since 2014, registry leaders of the national MS registries of Denmark, France, Italy and Sweden and the international MSBase, have been working together to establish a functioning network allowing analyses on a combined data set. The Czech national MS registry is now individually represented having earlier participated as part of MSBase.


The BigMSData Network brings together leading multiple sclerosis registries and data bases to allow joint analyses of very large merged or federated sets of structured clinical data.

The BigMSData Network aspires to set standards for the collection and scientific analysis of clinical data to meet unmet needs of understanding multiple sclerosis and its treatment.

The BigMSData Network aspires to be a leading engine in real world multiple sclerosis research and to support the development of new MS registries.


To propagate MS research and development of MS care.

To benefit patient advocacy and to promote new MS registries.