Big Multiple Sclerosis Data Network – The home of MS Real World Evidence!

For persons with MS

The Big MS Data Network and the participating MS registries seek to improve the life of persons with MS by collecting longitudinal clinical data. In addition to supporting the clinical decisions the registries also contribute data towards the improved understanding of the course of MS and treatment options of MS.

For researchers

The Big MS Data Network brings together leading MS registries and databases to allow joint analyses of very large merged or federated sets of structured data.

For sponsors

The BigMSData Network welcomes initiatives from sponsors for prospective collection of data, such as post approval safety studies (PASS) or retrospective analysis of existing data performed by academic partners.

The BMSD network

The Big Multiple Sclerosis Data Network (BMSD) was initiated in 2014 and made possible by an initial grant from Biogen. BMSD consists of the national MS registries of the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy and Sweden as well as the international MSBase. The total number of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients in BMSD amounts to over 250.000.

map of europe and australia